Friday, 13 August 2010

View Records and Stats

Did some more work on the stats page today. I'm pretty pleased with how it worked out actually. I knew image manipulation was going to be tough to do but it went okay and what I have come up with is a definate improvement.

The View Records page is almost identical to the current one still. I am having a bit of difficulty adding the new features that people want to see on it. I can see a way of doing it - but not a way of doing it well. I am going to leave it in the back of my mind while I work on the other parts and hopefully come back to it.

Next I think will be more moderator tools to do with adding and manipulating games. There is also a bug with the chart listings that I need to look at. It's a little odd because that's one of the few bits that was written by Mikky and I now need to change it.

Edit: Eeep, I've just seen he is watching this blog. Sorry boss!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Charts and Stats

I've been working on a website for work for the last few days - but today I went ahead and made the stats graph which shows the number records you have in the different positions. I have a few ideas how I would like to improve on it but they are quite tricky things to work with. When they go wrong they just don't work at all!

Remember, if you want to help out please visit the forum. There are still lots of images that need to be made.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Moderators will be happy at least

I did go ahead and put in some moderator tools today. I have designed them to be much quicker to use than the ones at the moment - so hopefully that will gain me a bit of kudos with the staff. I had relatively little trouble with it as well. Most of the code for the functions already existed in CS3 it was just a case of moving them around and tweaking them a bit.

Tomorrow I think I will work on the profile pages. There are a lot of links on those pages at the moment that don't do anything yet so there is plenty to do.

The one task I am not looking forward to it getting the medal tables and scoreboards working. Those are complicated to set up and so I will need to think very carefully before I start those bits.

If you haven't already, check out the forum post for all the different images that I need creating. I can't do those without someone's help.


Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Record Information

Record information pages are now done. It looks very similar to the current one actually but it does work a lot better - particularly for the multiplayer records. You may have noticed the very cheap fix I have put on for the multiplayer one on the site at the moment. Go on. I dare you to click on a multiplayer record and look for the extra letter 'b' in the url. No more of that nonsense in CS4.

I've also done a few tweaks to the database to make it slightly easier when the time comes to migrate all the data. I certainly won't be deleting any of the database. The only difficulty will be sorting out the multiplayer records (I wish I had coded it better for CS3!).

I will start posting up some previews on here in less than a week. Let's go for the August 10th. I am hoping by then I will have some images to put on the pages to make them look a bit better.

Tomorrow? Not sure yet - there are a lot of pages still to be done. Maybe I will go for some of the moderator tools. We need lots of buttons to keep away the dodgy users!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Welcome to CS4...

... is exactly what it says on my screen right now. Site registration is now working. It was a little more tricky than before as there are now more aspects to the profile - and so more things that need setting up upon registration. I've also tweaked the index page as well to include more information and less empty space.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Cyberscore 4 Development Blog

I am going to keep updated here information regarding the progress of CS4. I have recently started seriously working on it so I am writing here what I have done so far.

At the moment I have done the index page, the game list, the charts, submissions and the main profile pages. Still a lot more to do but the basics are beginning to take shape. The most difficult part is making sure that it includes a lot of the features that people want, while keeping to the overall style that I have in mind.

Links to previews will be added at a later date.