Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Record Information

Record information pages are now done. It looks very similar to the current one actually but it does work a lot better - particularly for the multiplayer records. You may have noticed the very cheap fix I have put on for the multiplayer one on the site at the moment. Go on. I dare you to click on a multiplayer record and look for the extra letter 'b' in the url. No more of that nonsense in CS4.

I've also done a few tweaks to the database to make it slightly easier when the time comes to migrate all the data. I certainly won't be deleting any of the database. The only difficulty will be sorting out the multiplayer records (I wish I had coded it better for CS3!).

I will start posting up some previews on here in less than a week. Let's go for the August 10th. I am hoping by then I will have some images to put on the pages to make them look a bit better.

Tomorrow? Not sure yet - there are a lot of pages still to be done. Maybe I will go for some of the moderator tools. We need lots of buttons to keep away the dodgy users!


  1. Mark. I'd love to help design some new skins for CS4, as i'm sure Big Boss, Klar, Icy etc would as well. When you decide on a final layout, it would be great if you could upload full previews and or images for us to work with so that we could make skins for CS4


  2. Definately. I need to think up some way of making it so you can view a preview of what your skin would look like. It would be easy enough for me to send you the skin files, but they are not much good unless you can see exactly what it would look like!

    At the moment I am still making changes to the layouts all the time - and I imagine they will keep changing right the way through to the end of the coding.